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This year the LOOKOUT Illustration Fair will take place on the 30th of September at The Halls, Norwich across three rooms. One of the rooms is semi-outdoors so please be aware of this when applying. (It has a solid roof, but the walls are the remains of a chapel which have some gaps). 

The deadline for applications is 30th of April.

We welcome ALL forms of illustration and visual arts, including drawing, printmaking, painting, 3D work such as paper, ceramics, and jewellery. If illustration informs your practise in any way, you're very much welcome to apply and celebrate the diverse medium with us.

We encourage applying artists to consider displaying a live, hands-on element to their stand. This could be live drawing in a sketchbook, live painting, live printing/carving, a raffle, or a creative workshop of some kind. This will not only encourage public engagement with your own stall and show your audience how your work is made, but it also helps to create a lively and creative environment throughout the entire venue. If you have an idea, please do include it within your application!

We also encourage applying artists to consider displaying sketchbooks as apart of your stand if it's relevant to how your work is created! People are often curious as to how your work is made, and a sketchbook can instantly communicate a narrative and strike up a conversation with people who are interested in you and your work. We aim for this event to be lively and full of inspiration, and sketchbooks are brilliant in that respect.

The event will take place between 10am and 4pm. You will have additional time to set up and take down.


Two types of stall spaces are available! You can state your preference below for which one you'd like, though the offered type you may receive could differ, depending on space. Please read below for the two stall options.


In our first room, The Cloisters hallway is too narrow to have people behind their stalls on both sides. Instead, you will be provided a chair beside your stall. These spaces are £50 which will provide room for a 6ft x 2ft table and one chair.

The second type of stall is again space for a 6ft x 2ft table, but with a seat behind the table. These spaces will be both in The Crypt, and Becket's Chapel's semi outdoors space. These spaces are £60, and any additional chairs can be provided. 


You will have the option to either bring your own table, or hire one for £5. Please state your preference in your application.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see your application!

Successfully submitted! Thank you!

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